Fidel Delgado - media composer and sound designer
I'm a colombian-danish prize nominated media composer and sound designer.
Location: Aarhus

My composer portfolio

Curated portfolio
Hello there! This is my portfolio playlist, It consist of 7 songs.
Go watch it on youtube!


As of May 2021, I am working as a researcher and audio designer. My primary focus is creating artificial engine sounds for electrical vehicles. Furthermore, my research attempt to find the best solution.

A true combination of good audio design that can be used as a branding touchpoint but also be a great contribution to our urban sonic environment. Additionally, I want to create artificial engine sounds that can create the right feeling for the consumer but also draw attention to the pedestrian.

Avoiding accidents and save human lives is a core element of my research. By adding artificial engine sounds to EVs and reflect on the outcome we can create a better sonic environment.

I am also working as a composer, music producer, mixer, and mastering engineer on two projects:

Epic LoveStories is out now on all major streaming platforms

Los Jefes: The EP has been released and we are working on an album!


Farida Mimi - Epic LoveStories. Music producer, co-songwriter, mixer, mastering, artwork.

Farida Mimi - Just for You feat. Andreas Mejer (Fidel Delgado Remix). Music producer, co-songwriter, mixer, mastering, artwork.

Farida Mimi - Step Up (I Love Myself). Music producer, co-songwriter, mixer, mastering, artwork.

Farida Mimi - #CancelFelix (2021). Music producer, co-songwriter, mixer, mastering, artwork.

Farida Mimi - Dear you (interlude) (2021). Music producer, co-songwriter, mixer, mastering, artwork.

Farida Mimi - Gone with the Wind (2021). Music producer, mixer, mastering, artwork.

Fidel Delgado - Forbandet (2020). Music producer, mixer, lyrics by Wicked Watcher.

Elias Sadaq - GADESTREGER remix (2020) Remixer, mixing.

Reality Gaming Group Limited: Doctor Who: Worlds Apart (2020) Sound Designer, mixer.

SHORT FILM: "SKAGEN" (2020). Mixer.

VIZUAL MAGICIAN - Bokeh (2020). Composer, music Producer, mixer, mastering.

VIZUAL MAGICIAN - The Awakening: The MPC LIVE PROJECT (2020) Composer, music producer, mixer, mastering.

Farida Mimi - Loyalty (2020) Music producer, mixer.

Elias Sadaq - GADESTREGER (2019) Music producer, mixer.

PokéMaxGo an interactive Max/MSP patch by Fidel Delgado

PokéMaxGo an interactive Max/MSP patch using Twitter APi to locate Pokémon within a soundscape

This Max/MSP patch uses Twitter's API to gather information about certain keywords. In this case, the keywords are the first generation of Pokémon. Each time a Pokémon is mentioned the appropriate cry sound is played. The patch is presented in a simple manner and contains a NODE object where the player can move around between seven different zones.

Each zone contains a high-quality stereo sound recording of a place in Aarhus V, Denmark. Pokémon are created in a very uncontrollable way and spawn at random locations. The player can listen to the different zones while looking for Pokémon.

Release date: 2021.


Enalim a story-driven RPG

As a music composer I strive to create an immersive experience for the player

Production Assignment, Aarhus University

Fidel Delgado and Ralle Ravn Production assignment (sound design, sound branding)

Fidel Delgado & Ralle Ravn created this ambience piece as part of a school assignment at Aarhus University. The idea is to create a soundscape you can loop for many hours. The piece can be used as part of game consoles menu music, interactive art installations and waiting music.

Release date: 27 April, 2021.

Sound Design showcase reel WESTERN in the future by Fidel Delgado

Showcase reel by Fidel Delgado

 I decided to take the video to another level by creating a futuristic / sci-fi soundscape, Foley, and general sound design. By doing so I moved the context from a classic western setting to a video game setting. I've created all the sound effects by myself and I have recorded all sounds using my equipment.

The idea is to create something very different from the picture and thereby challenge the beholder's view on an iconic scene.

Release date: 2020.

Sound design, Foley and music showreel "Alma" by Fidel Delgado

Showcase reel by Fidel Delgado

 I created this as an assignment with two other students. I was the leader in the group and made sure we delivered the project within the deadline. We created all the audio/music by ourselves and recorded the Foley sounds with a smartphone. They sound fantastic these days!

All the music was recorded in my old studio in Aarhus C.

Release date: 2020.

Poulette's Chair new score

Poulette's Chair new score by Fidel Delgado and Emil Thorsen - Submission, Indie Film Music Contest

For this project I composed the melody in the first part of the movie and recorded Emil playing acoustic guitar in my studio. Afterwards Emil started to improvise and created a beautiful movement for the protagonist. Finally, Emil and I created a rock-inspired song to portray the protagonist's excitement.

Farida Mimi Feat. VIZUAL MAGICIAN - Gone with the Wind

Fidel Delgado & Farida Mimi has written this song about friendship.

I did the music production, recording, mixing and mastering of the song.
I also filmed the video and Farida and I edited it together. 

Release date: 30 April 2021.

Christmas Calendar, Vin i øjenhøjde

Fidel Delgado & Rasmus Benner - Christmas calendar Vin i øjenhøjde

Fidel Delgado & Rasmus Benner created this musical intro to Vin i Øjenhøjde as part of a Christmas calendar.

Release date: December, 2020.


Inspired by photographers all over the world, this project is an attempt to make a soundtrack for creatives working to become better at what they do. The main idea of this project is to provide a short musical experience you can enjoy when in need of inspiration.

Vizual magician - BOKEH-ARTWORK

A playlist with LoFi hip-hop by VIZUAL MAGICIAN

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